• The OSCE will support a training seminar on the judicial application of environmental legislation in civil cases. The event will be organized in co-operation with the Supreme Court’s Justice Academy for some 35 judges dealing with environmental and economic court cases. The training seminar will focus on the disputes arising from the implementation of the Aarhus Convention as well as on compliance with the norms of international environmental agreements.

    The event is part of the Office’s long-standing efforts to assist the host country in bridging the gaps in the national institutional and legal frameworks on the Aarhus Convention.

    22 İyun, 2017― 23 Iyun, 2017

  • The upcoming Conference dedicated to the topic of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, as “Democracy, human rights, Civil and political rights, Economic development and integration, Climate change and environment, contact between people and social and labor policies”

    The aim of conference is to contribute to the ongoing negotiation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the European Union on the new draft comprehensive agreement, and to enhance the role of civil society organization in public participation in decision-making process.

    The conference is organized by the Azerbaijan National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Forum within the ongoing project ‘Promotion of Human rights, democratization and good governance in Azerbaijan’ implemented by the Eurasian Partnership Foundation with the financial support of Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    17 July 2017― 17 July 2017

Eurasian Partnership Foundation
Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum