Statement of the Azerbaijan National Platform of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum

Statement of the azerbaijan national platform of the eastern partnership civil society forum

On July 04 of 2017 Armenian armed forces breached the ceasefire agreement with mortars and heavy grenade launchers. As a result of targeted attacking of civilians and civilian objects of the Alkhanli village of Fizuli region of Azerbaijan by armed forces of Armenia Guliyeva Sahiba Idriz gizi (born in 1967) and her 2 years old granddaughter Guliyeva Zahra were killed. Another civilian Guliyeva Sarvinaz (born in 1965) was wounded and civilian objects sustained damages.

The members of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum Azerbaijan National Platform have discussed this heinous attack and vehemently condemn the targeting of civilians in Azerbaijan by the Armenian armed forces.

The EaP CSF Azerbaijan National Platform consider the attack causing agony across Azerbaijan society, especially a despicable death of 2 years old Zahra as a continuation of Armenia’s massacre, and brutal policy.

The Platform demands an immediate suspension of this policy and calls for full investigation of such a grave crime as well as decisive position from international organizations for punishments of culprits. The members also call on the OSCE Minsk Group and the European Union institutions to take urgent measures aimed at preventing occupation policy of the Armenian state.

The National Platform of Azerbaijan believes that this incident is a serious threat over stability and peace in the region. This is also a serious blow to multilateral and bilateral discussions carried out in the direction of peacebuilding and conflict resolution within the framework of the Eastern Partnership of the European Union. The Platform believes this is a deliberately perpetrated act aimed at violating peaceful resolution of the conflict by Armenia.